This is a tough time for job seekers, especially for fresh graduates. Not many companies have openings for people without experience. This has resulted in a lot of college grads and students feeling very disheartened about their career and their financial situation.  However, there is a very important piece of the puzzle that most people are missing these days. College graduates will keep having troubles looking for jobs, and the only solution is for them to stop looking for jobs. There are just too many graduates and not enough jobs. It is a game that is impossible to win for many graduates. College graduates need to think about entrepreneurship instead. Here are some reasons why.

Jobs no longer provide a ‘stable’ life

There used to be a time when getting a job meant you were set for life. You could spend decades at a company and know that when you leave there will be a huge payout. The crumbling economy and the wave of downsizing have given a huge reality check to people. There were people who gave decades of their lives to companies, only to get unceremoniously downsized for no fault of their own. Jobs just cannot be depended upon the way they could be back in the good old days. Having a job just means you know you are getting paid the next month, not that you can just live in peace from now on.

Entrepreneurship has never been easier

It has never been easier to be an entrepreneur than it is now. You don’t have to start a huge company or try to create an app that becomes the next Snapchat. Just set up a small online store and sell something you have a lot of knowledge about. You will only need a few hundred dollars of investment – buy from Alibaba or any other B2B website, sell at higher rates on your online store. If you start making sales start growing slowly, and soon you’ll be earning more than you could have ever earned from a job.

The Gig Economy can support you

A lot of hype is being created about the ‘gig economy’. However, if we are being honest, the gig economy isn’t really something you can depend on. There isn’t that much money to be made, and the work does not come consistently. The real benefit of the gig market is that it allows you to get by while you figure something out. Entrepreneurship is hard for people who are not from rich families and have to fend for themselves, because generally you don’t start earning money through your endeavors the first few months. A lot of people have payments to make, and mouths to feed. Use the gig economy to support yourself while you set up something better. You will not become rich off gigs, but all your bills will be paid while you work on your dreams.

Remember, the era of jobs may be coming to an end. With automation becoming the norm there will only be fewer jobs in the future. Stop looking for jobs and start looking for something better.

Will an MBA degree help you in landing the job of your dreams? No, not always! And so it should not be your primary reason for pursuing an MBA degree

An MBA degree is one of the most sought-after qualifications in the education industry. Students pursue it for so many reasons, be it for improving their skills or earning more money.

And there are some MBA students who also believe that this degree will help them in landing that dream job with industry leaders.

Is that really how it is? If it were, shouldn’t all the MBAs have nailed the best jobs by now?

The reality is so different from perception.

An MBA degree will not always help you land that job you’ve been eyeing. In rare cases, yes, provided luck is with you. But most of the time, the answer is no. And so if you are seeking MBA degree just to get a better job, you may be highly disappointed after spending a significant amount of time and money.

The Efforts Involved

An MBA degree does not come easy. You have to spend a good amount of time on it. Agreed, this won’t be an issue for many of you. But when you see your other non-MBA friends kicking it out there, you definitely wouldn’t be so eager to put your head back into those books.

Plus you may not be learning all the skills

A good job requires a lot more than what books teach. So chances are even with an MBA, you may still not learn all the skills required in your industry of interest. Another reason why your MBA may not help you get ‘that’ job.

So what can you do?

An MBA degree is not preferred as much as the problem solving and critical thinking skills. And there are plenty of ways to improve these rather than signing up for higher qualifications such as seminars, conferences or short educational courses. Not only will you be spending a less amount of time, but less money as well.

But that does not mean, you should not get an MBA

Do does all this imply that you should not opt for an MBA degree at all? No, it only means that you shouldn’t be getting if you are targeting a better job.  There are scenarios in which an MBA degree can be highly beneficial, such as if you were to start your own business. Challenging path, but definitely not impossible.

So many MBA students turned to entrepreneurship after completing their degrees, and were quite successful. Indeed, they had to put in efforts and time as well, but the output put is definitely worth it. Entrepreneurship is so much better than limiting yourself to a job. You do what you are passionate about without limiting yourself to a fixed routine. And if you do it right, you’ll be leaving an impact and magnifying your earnings in the time to come

Do go for an MBA degree, but just ensure that you are pursuing it for the right reasons.

Education, Innovation
Find out why the big thinkers can influence and help the educational sector.

Education is one of the biggest evolving industries for big thinkers. Wondering why? Let’s jump straight to it because the answer is simple: the big thinkers of today will influence the big thinkers of tomorrow. Here are some of the reasons:

Create problem solvers

There is a growing need of solutions to real world problems and many people in the educational sector don’t realize it. However, the earlier the children get exposed to scenarios where they need to use their critical skills in order to solve real world problems, the better they would become. Yes there might be a genius or 2 who will come up with a new way of farming vegetables in your backyard or reducing the carbon imprint, but that’s rare. The new era is coming up with multiple problems. Multiple problems need multiple solutions and multiple solutions are only generated when there are multiple people working together.

New ideas

The one key thing about every thought leader or big thinker is that their ideas are always unique that makes them stand apart from the rest. They use never old techniques and strategies in coming up with solutions. Big thinkers can come up with new ideas and propose them to the schools and universities so that the students view education as something instrumental in their lives.

Contributing to the world

Using the “pay it forward” strategy, the big thinkers can contribute to the education sector by helping them devise plans and methods to effectively teach in the classrooms. They can have a mentoring program for students that show interest and skills in a particular field. By doing so, they can hone their skills so that they become future leaders.


Teaching the teachers

Big thinkers and thought leaders can enlighten the teachers and the educator’s community to adopt new styles and teaching methodologies that can create a better learning experience for the students. Skilled teachers will result in better students.


Rethinking the value of education

Students these days think of education as 2 things:

  • The road to a big fat paycheck
  • An ocean of debt
Either way, it’s all about money. New programs that are competency based and not involve heavy student debts that scare off potential students into getting higher education should be introduced. Students should also be told that a diploma or degree is not the primary face of a good education. There are innovators and thought leaders who had no degrees but they have excelled in life by taking risks, learning from failure and learning through both books and real world problems. We have examples such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell to name a few. They need to know that money is not the main aim for getting education.


In the past two decades there has been a much bigger focus on entrepreneurship than ever before. You must have noticed this yourself – young people are more into entrepreneurship instead of finding jobs. It might seem a bit puzzling, the way society’s perception on jobs and self-employment are changing, but there are some very good reasons behind this shift. Let’s look at how changing technologies, societies, economies, and globalization have made entrepreneurship so attractive these days.

People don’t trust jobs anymore

This is something that most people don’t realize has affected people’s attitudes towards entrepreneurship, that jobs and careers are no longer as attractive as they were once before. Go back thirty years and the general advice was to go to a good college so you will get a good job. Getting a good job was considered to be a major achievement, and an easy way to ensure that you will have a good life. A good job meant you would grow, earn, save, and end up working in the same company for a decade.

The last two decades have shows everyone the folly of this thinking. It worked as long as economies were stable, but the banking crisis, the housing market crash, economic distresses, and other similar shocks have shown people just how weak jobs and careers can be. People who had been working for years in companies were downsized, regardless of their performance. Jobs started drying up. People have realized that they cannot depend on jobs to have a good life anymore.

It has never been easier to become an entrepreneur

This shift has largely been driven by information technology. It has never been as easy to be an entrepreneur as it is now. You have many industries which can be entered without a big investment. Can’t afford to open up an office or a shop? Just spend a few dollars on getting a domain, set up a website using a free WordPress template in a few hours, and your store is up. If you don’t want to do that, you can even begin selling things from a free Facebook page. Sure, such entry level businesses will not make you a millionaire overnight, but they are excellent alternatives to entry level jobs, and give you the freedom to pursue your dreams.

Marketing is cheaper than ever before

Digital marketing has completely changed the game for entrepreneurs. Until a decade ago there was no cheap and effective way to market your business. If you were running a small restaurant, you couldn’t afford to put an advertisement on TV or even the newspaper. There was no customer targeting. Billboards were expensive as well. Now, even if your restaurant is just a small hole in the wall, you can spend a few hundred dollars and advertise to the exact demographic that you want to. You don’t even have to spend a hundred dollars – you can set aside a few dollars and run a daily campaign on Facebook.

It has never been easier to go out and pursue your dreams. If you are still stuck in a job or are dreading having to work for someone else, you need to look around you and see how entrepreneurship can help you.


Open up a dictionary and it will describe entrepreneurship as an activity that involves taking financial risks (usually setting up a business) with the hope of making a profit. Previously, this is exactly what entrepreneurship was – the term was increasingly associated with setting up a business alone. Today however, the scope of this term has broadened.

Entrepreneurship today is being described as a mindset that is committed to convert an idea into a profitable venture by creating value for and providing solutions to the market. So what makes this mindset important? There are several factors that contribute to that. Let’s take a look at them:

Entrepreneurship Brings Economic Development

Entrepreneurs are risk takers. They will jump into anything that hints at prospective profits. This means there will always be a new business starting up somewhere or another. With the start of every new business, you are looking at more jobs, more products/services, development in ancillary industries, and an overall improved consumer spending on the whole. All this combined contributes to economic development in the long run and are positive indicators of growth.

There is Constant Innovation

In order for businesses to survive, they need to constantly improve on the quality of their products and services, and sometimes even diversify into a different range of products altogether to improve their market share or venture into newer markets. This requires them to keep trying out new technology, bring in creativity, and innovative ideas to try and capture better market niches, or cut down costs in an attempt to increase their revenue channels and/or improve their profits.

It Recognizes and Values Talent

Today, more than ever, the role of entrepreneurial ventures has made a paradigm shift towards discovering, nurturing, and retaining new talent. We’ve all heard about talent management programs in different businesses. In order to compete better in the market, businesses need talented individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset – people who are creative and able to take risks with the commitment to turn every opportunity at hand into a lucrative prospect for the organization – what the economy gets in return, are more entrepreneurs with firsthand industry experience and the drive to turn their dreams into reality.

They Help the Whole Community to Grow

Yes entrepreneurship creates more jobs, which means more people are employed, and more families get to improve their standard of living. However, that is not the only way entrepreneurship contributes to community growth. Most modern entrepreneurship ventures now take specific interest in associating their brand with a social cause – you can see businesses working with cancer foundations, blood collecting drives, feeding the homeless, or providing animal shelters. While most of this is done to promote a softer side of the brand, it is the community at large that benefits the most out of it!  

If we steer away a little from the technical aspects of the things that make entrepreneurship matter, one can see how even the simplest form of this mindset allows people the ability to pursue their passions and consequently bring about a change in their own and other peoples’ lives. Without it, the world wouldn’t have had the privilege of the advancements science, technology, and corporate culture that we see today!

Education, Innovation

The educational sector has a dearth in innovation these days due to many reasons. Learning is different from what it was 2- 3 decades ago. There needs to be educational reforms in order to improve the literacy rate and enhance the quality of the education system in America. However, some things need to be addressed and tackled before any progress happens due to them being obstacles in the path of education.


It is the job of the parents first to ensure that the children are receiving a good education from the school. If the child doesn’t do well in school, then ask them what could be the reason instead of just blaming it on laziness. There could be an undiagnosed learning disability. They should attend all the PTA’s and ask the teachers what strategies they use to teach their kids. This in turn will help them know what more needs to be done in order to make their children learn effectively. After all, they know their children more than anyone. Most parents are too occupied with their work to even care about such things and leave entirely everything on the school board.


School board

The school board always makes promises by talking about introducing innovative concepts in teaching and learning at their schools but back out when it is actually time to act out on it. Teachers don’t want to get out of their old teaching bubble by employing new strategies because they are new or uncomfortable to them. The result is the same old teaching methods to a generation of students that is so different to the ones they taught in the 90s.


Old and scripted curriculum

Although the concepts in the subjects are the same, but the approach to teaching them should be updated and renewed every few years. There should be special textbooks for students with learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD. Textbooks can be made in different formats to be more appealing to the students so that they grasp complex subjects easily. For e.g. there is a manga (Japanese style comics) textbook series that covers some of the basic subjects like math to complex ones such as quantum physics.


No room to grow

Classrooms should be a place of fostering the minds to grow both intellectually and artistically. Often students are kept in a virtual box by the teachers and are not encouraged to explore outside the bounds of a textbook and a rigid learning method. There should be project based learning where the students can learn by doing their own research and analysis.


Report card mentality

Report cards should not be the only yardstick to gauge the talents, skills and mental faculties of a student. Google encourages its employees to fail and knows that success only comes after learning from failing. Don’t make failing a sin for the students. Encourage them to value the learning process more than the end result which is just a letter on card.

Business, Education
If you are an MBA graduate who has just stepped out of college, you should be thinking about entrepreneurship as the next move.

Are you a recent MBA graduate and thinking about what you should do next? What have you decided? Follow the crowd and get employed or break the barriers, and launch your own business.

We think you should go with the latter option, and your MBA degree will highly benefit you along the journey.  Oh, so you think that it’ll help you on your job too? You are wrong, and here is why.

Not paid enough

We’re sure that you think that your degree is the ticket to earning big money, just like the rest of MBA students. You think wrong; even with an MBA degree, your job still limits the amounts you can earn. Whether you put in too much efforts one day or too little the next, you’ll still get the same pay check that you do every time at the end of the month.

Not doing what you love

When on a job, there is very little chance that you will be actually doing what you love. Plus, most of the jobs out there are pretty monotonous, and you are bound to stagnate after some time.  With entrepreneurship, you do what you love, and you can try out something new every day. So one day, you’ll be planning out your product, after some time you’ll be marketing it, and then you’ll be selling it as well.  Thus, you are involved in literally all the aspects and learn so much.

Constantly answering to someone

If you decide to work for a company after acquiring your MBA degree, you will be reporting to someone. For all that you do, you’ll have to answer in the end. With entrepreneurship, you are your own boss. You do what you like and how you want. And no one can tell you anything.

Following your own routines

When employed, you have to follow a certain routine, and so every day will seem typical. However, if you setup your own business, your next day will be different from the previous one. You won’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again, because you won’t be doing the same thing at all.

Limiting your creativity

Employed individuals usually have to follow the already designed processes. And in many cases, there is slay little or no room to flex them. This limits your creativity, preventing you from unleashing your full potential. However, when you are your own boss, you can simply try out any great idea that you come up with. If you succeed, you can integrate it in your processes, and if you fail, you can just use it as a learning experience.

And it’s all going to end

If you climb the highest ranks possible during your job, it will all end the day you retire. And then you’ll have to rely on your savings mostly. Set up your own business, and you can forget about retirement altogether.


Do you now agree with us? What’s your next step forwards? Trust us, your MBA is going to be so muchg more useful if you become a business owner.

Education, Innovation

Schools these days have started to slowly make the shift from traditional forms of education to the more modern and contemporary but there are still many school systems that are staying behind when it comes to introducing innovations in schools. So here are the most reasons why schools need innovative ideas:


Learning for everyone

Researches and studies over the years have discovered learning disabilities which were once considered to be something else. Children were that ADHD or dyslexia were thought of as “dumb, slow or lazy kids” who had no interest in studying. This thinking only further deterred those students into thinking that they were not good at studying. But now thanks to research there are special teaching methods and learning styles created to aid these students with learning disabilities and they can now study at the same level as their peers. Now even Children with Down’s syndrome can finish school.


Improvement in learning and teaching

People have experimented and created new learning styles and methods that help students to pick up concepts and information easily. There are schools which teach children life skills early on so that their transition to adult life is easier as opposed to the basic textbook method where all they did was read facts and figures.


Schools shouldn’t focus more on the regular grading system because everyone has a different learning level. The innovative schools teach children that it’s ok to fail so long as you learn something from it. They also teach children that even if they fail, how can they come up with a better or correct solution to the problem. This in turn increases their critical learning skills.


Career shift

Due to technological advancement much of the industrial sector has had a migration of jobs for people. There will be 7 million jobs that will be lost in the industrial sector because most of the work will be done by machines anyway. Children need to learning new and different things that will create a new job market for them and this will secure their future.


The good thing about it is there will be new jobs and categories created as well so they have to prepare themselves for the change. Many jobs that we see today won’t even exist in the next 5 years and will be replaced by technology and there will be new kinds of jobs springing up.


Staying in touch with latest trends

Schools need to keep up with the technology that is being introduced every day. There new devices, apps and machines that people are using every day. Innovations like the Smart board, tablets instead of books are just to name a few.


Easily accessible

Innovation is important in education because it needs to be accessible by everyone even if it’s in other countries. By doing so, everyone can get and share knowledge easily across the globe. Distance learning through the internet has created new opportunities for people to access education which wasn’t possible before. People can teach live online to students across other countries or students can access their lessons from home if they are unable to go to school.


Have you left your office job for taking care of your kids? Do you at times feel like you are missing out on life especially when it comes to your career? But you also don’t want to leave the responsibilities as a mother.

Well, not everything has to be black and white – because there is a gray area.

That sweet spot has been discovered quite a while ago but recently many women have started opting for it: working from home. It’s a great way to earn money from the comfort of your own home while being there for your family. It’s a win-win situation for everybody. No longer will you have to blame motherhood for your unemployment. Here are some of the reasons why you can get back in your career by working from home.

Brings in the money

Just because you are staying at home and not going to an office doesn’t mean you can stay with a dwindling bank account. You can earn a stable income online if you work from home. All you have to do is to do some research and you will find tons of options available for you. You can start your own business from home or you can apply for jobs that you can do online.  This income can be used for so many other expenses because your spouse won’t be burdened either. The additional expenses that come after giving birth such as diapers, milk, baby accessories and toys, etc can all be covered with you working from home.



Imagine if you were working at an office while still having a toddler to worry about at home. How stressful would that be? Sure you will have a baby sitter or nanny to take care of it but you will miss out on your baby’s precious moments like the first word. If you are working from home it will save you from a lot of stress as your baby will right in front of you sleeping in the next room and you can go see him/her whenever you want and however many times a day you want to. You can breastfeed your baby without any obstacles and in the comfort of your home as well. Research shows that nursing your child creates a calming effect due to the hormone oxytocin released while nursing.



Motherhood is something that can never be replaced or substituted but you can have other areas of your life that you can balance it with such as working from home. You will feel really accomplished by knowing that you can raise your kids and grow your career side by side. Plus, after the kids have grown up, you won’t have the void due to the big gap in unemployment over the years.

Education, Innovation
Read on to know why innovative strategies in education can transform the shape of the entire sector.

Everything changes with time and so do the methods and strategies for teaching and learning. The education sector has far too long been employing the same old teaching methods for students. The generation today relies heavily on technology more than ever. Therefore, in order for them to be engaged easily towards education, using technological methods has become necessary. New research has discovered learning disabilities in children that were once unknown. Children with learning problems used to be labeled as dumb or lazy but now they have a name for it. Now solutions are popping up for everything. So why can’t we use some of those solutions for the education sector?


Here are some reasons why the education sector needs innovation desperately:

To keep up with the times

Times are changing fast so the schools need to be kept abreast of new and improved teaching methods that they can introduce to their students. This is the age of the internet and more specifically social media and so the schools need to incorporate education into the lives of the students through these mediums as well. This creates a learning environment even outside of the classroom. Using new tools and gadgets will create a spark of interest in the students.


Preparing the students for the real world

School does not on the whole, prepare the children for the world really well. Gone are the days of readin’, writin’ and rithmetic’ and it’s more about project based earning and case studies. Students need to be thrown into the real world problems in order for them to come up solutions themselves. The teachers just need to steer them in the right direction. Students need to be taught critical thinking skills in order to be the future leaders, entrepreneurs and artists of tomorrow.


Idea generation

By employing new thinking models in the classroom, teachers can instill in them a sense of idea generation. They should be encouraged to come with solutions to problems and new ideas rather than just be taught from a rigid curriculum. How will they come up with new ideas if they are stifled by rote learning and de-motivating teachers?


They are the future

What we sow into the minds of the students today will reap tomorrow so we should do our best to provide them with a quality education. Who knows they might be the future presidents, ministers and lawmakers that can influence our lives.


Instill creativity

It has been proven by research that children in Montessori are the brightest because their classroom is a place their imagination can run wild. They can play with objects, build, break, learn, draw and color etc. They tell stories and have a keen interest in the world. But by the time they are in high school, most of the spark has been blown out by the school system. Risk taking and failures are considered shameful, so much of their creativity dies along with them. Students need to be encouraged to be the future artists, designers and creative thinkers of tomorrow.

Business, Education

There are many problems in our society that only women have to face – to the point where men often don’t even know these problems exist, even though millions of women have been going through them. While things aren’t still perfect by any measure for women when it comes to work, they are better right now then they have ever been. We have a long way to go but we, as a society, have never been more accepting and accommodating to working women at any point in history.

However, while society isn’t progressing as fast as it should, technology and the economy are. This is the perfect time for women to start businesses not because sexism and discrimination is over, but because the market and technology available right now makes it easier than ever before.

Decreasing need to choose between a career and family

One of the biggest revelations that have happened in the previous few years is the effect the ‘work from home’ culture has had. Previously many women had to choose between raising a family and working on their career. This was somewhat mitigated by some companies offering daycare, but most companies didn’t offer anything like that.

However, technology now allows women not just to work from home, but start businesses from home too. Many successful entrepreneurs who are millionaires these days were once homemakers. They started out with a blog and selling items to enthusiasts. Sure, you may not become a millionaire, but you will be surprised at how successful you can become as long as you sells something people are interested in.

Digital Stores and Marketing

We cannot possible overstate how big digital stores and marketing have been for women. If you are a homemaker and want to start a business, instead of opening a bakery or a restaurant (which are very high risk businesses) try opening a small digital store instead. It takes only a bit of money so it is very affordable. It is also a great way to get your feet wet if you aren’t sure about diving in to the world of business. It is perfectly normal to have fears about running a business when you have never done it before, but the very low investment cost required by a digital store will go a long way towards mitigating risks and fears.

Consumers moving away from corporations

There has been a huge societal shift and people no longer like buying products from big brand names. It is now considered much better, especially by younger people, to buy things that are local. The focus now is on discovering things and telling other people about it. This is a fantastic thing for new businesses. When you start selling things, instead of worrying that people don’t know you, the fact that people don’t know you can become your strength.

There is a whole world full of opportunities out there. The opportunities have always existed, but now they can be availed without even needing to leave your home. If you want to start something of your own, do it now.

Read on to know why we need more female power in the world of entrepreneurship.

Ladies, if you always wanted to start your own business and work the way you want to, then now is the best era for you to do so. Thanks to technology, working from home and launching your own business has never been easier. If you are still not sure if being an entrepreneur is for you then here are 5 reasons that can help you decide:

Working on your own terms

This is one of the main reasons and also the best one when it comes to being an entrepreneur. The daily drill of the corporate lifestyle can become exhausting. With deadlines to meet, rushing to and back from work, missing out on family time can all leave someone feel miserable.  When you become an entrepreneur, you set your own terms, timings and work load. You no longer have to deal with pressure that the office brings and work at your own pace. You are your own boss and you have to answer to any one in charge of you.

An opportunity to create

Being an entrepreneur might seem risky and daunting at first, but once you are settled in this lifestyle, it will give you heaps of opportunities to create and build your own business. Building your own empire and business brings a truly satisfying feeling. You learn your strengthens and discover new abilities that you never thought you had before.  It gives a sense of personal pride and accomplishment that you have come this far in life. Many women who have built large business empires first started out as small entrepreneurs and who knows you could be one of them someday.


It requires no special credentials

You don’t have to be a graduate from a top tier business school to be a good entrepreneur; in fact you don’t even have to be a college grad to start your own business. This is not to say by any means that you shouldn’t get an education, but sometimes you learn more by doing something practically rather than sitting in a classroom and collecting student debt. There are many examples of women who never went to college yet have businesses running successfully. You can be from any background or experience and still run a good business.


Understanding the needs of women

Only women can understand the needs of women. There have been many businesses that have started by women for women. There is a gap in the market for many things that companies in general don’t focus on, you can focus on what women need and start a business. For e.g., the owner of the famous brand Spanx, Sarah Blakely became the youngest billionaire by starting her own business of special pants and leggings.

The pay scale

You won’t have to compete with the salary of men or through the gender wage gap problem once you start your own business. You will be paid according to your own terms without having to battle out wage issues with the company administration.


An MBA degree is invaluable, yet so many students fail to learn concepts that they should have otherwise learned.

MBA was and still is a valuable degree. The problem? Too many schools offer MBA courses and too many students sign up for it. Every other person out there is an MBA student or an MBA graduate so it is no more something that can set candidates apart.

Business schools laid extensive focus on the quality of education in the past, but not so anymore, and are on the wrong track now. Previously, MBA degree programs earned growing reputation. Only a selected few were admitted, and so the pay packages of the graduates were beyond impressive.

However, in the current era, quality has drastically gone down. Indeed, there are still some good schools out there, but they are limited. The curriculum isn’t designed properly, and so MBA students are not learning as they should have had. They don’t develop the skills that are required, and so fail to be an effective leader.

So what is the root cause? For most of the industry experts, it is the curriculum itself. During the past few years, business schools have developed an inappropriate academic excellence model. They now measure themselves using a scientific model that is based on abstract economical, financial and statistical analysis. The provided knowledge cannot be applied to real life scenarios, and so the current education system has become less practical.

The scientific model that is now used assumes business to be an academic subject like geology or chemistry. But this assumption itself is wrong. The truth is that business is a practical discipline like law and medicine. And just like all these subjects, business requires other subjects to be taught as well such as finance, accounting, mathematics and sociology. Thus, the curriculum is least expected to work until a more appropriate model is replaced by the current model, a model that considers all the essential requirements of a business profession.

So can we get the current dynamics to change? By understanding the profession at a deeper level and dealing with its requirements. Ideally, a profession has four fundamental elements: a body of knowledge that is widely accepted, a certification system that indentifies master of the knowledge body, targeted efforts for general good of the public and an ethical code. The core focus should be on industrial requirements, experiences close to real life scenarios and deeper practical insights. But all this must be integrated with theoretical knowledge as well.

That being said, the faculty should comprise of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. Right now, most of the schools have professors who are intelligent and skilled, but unfortunately have no practical and managerial experiences. Consequently, they fail to identify problems faced in the real world, and cannot teach their students the art of making decisions.

Corporate employers and successful entrepreneurs should play their part as well, and let business schools know of what is expected of MBA graduates. Once they clarify their requirements, business schools will be able to serve their needs and produce more quality candidates.

If everyone gets on board, MBA programs can be improved further, and will teach the right lessons.


For many people out there innovation and disruption are terms that are often confused. However, there is a difference between the two. The only problem is that the difference is a little hard to spot.

 You may innovate but not necessarily disrupt something. However, when you disrupt something you are not only going to be innovative, but the innovation is going to seem so irrational, so away from the norms that eventually the whole industry will be disrupted.

Confused? Probably a better way to explain this is with the help of an example. Hotels.com is an online platform where you can look up different hotels and resorts, find out about their amenities and facilities, book yourself a room, check out the nearby locations etc. In its own time, when it first rolled out Hotels.com was seen as an innovative way of handling your accommodation needs when travelling.

It was definitely innovative, but did it disrupt anything? No!

What would seem like a disruptively innovative idea in the same industry? Several people put their heads together and thought that it would be a great idea if they could have an online marketplace where they could have people who want to rent out their homes to people who may be in need of an accommodation.

And this is how Airbnb was born! The idea of connecting the hosts and the travelers together was not only innovative but disruptive too!

When an individual is just being innovative they might be that way without necessarily having to dismantle the entire system. They can simple propose a new, more insightful problem solving strategy, one which the world has never seen before just like they did with Hotels.com. At the end of the day their strategy is also something completely original, but it has not created any disruption anywhere.

On the other hand when you talk about people who wish to disrupt markets, their idea does not only have to be innovative, it needs to be so ingenious that just on its innovativeness it creates chaos. Only then would they be able to create the disruption they intend to. It is clear by now that for a person to create disruption, they must possess the key of innovation in their hands.

Disruptive Innovators: A Force to be Reckoned With

When disruptors want to introduce a revolutionary solution, they think about introducing such a massive innovation which would disrupt their particular industry in such a manner that the old no longer remains in demand. The disruptive innovators become a force to be reckoned with on their own.

 Another popular example of businesses that introduced disruptive innovation includes Facebook: the social media site which literally changed the game of how people previously interacted with each other.

It is clearly that if an industry wishes to survive, they must constantly innovate. This is the biggest competitive edge they have. But do businesses need to disrupt too? While this may certainly be food for thought, one thing is clear that you can neither be innovative or disruptive without being backed up by innovation.

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Mistake #01: Not having a plan

If you don’ have a plan then you fall into a category called as ‘Accidental Entrepreneurs’. The only problem with the entrepreneurs staring of from here is that their success might be accidental but their failure will not come as a surprise.

Mistake #02: Looking for shortcuts

There are no shortcuts when you are trying to establish a brand name. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and persistence. And the amount of time and effort you are willing to put into your business depends on how passionate you are about it.

Mistake #03: Investing way more than its required

Common misconception new entrepreneurs have is that the success of the business is directly proportional to the amount of money they invest in it. And because of this the end up investing a lot more then it is required, in the beginning. Many successful businesses had a humble start and managing your finances from day 1 can steer you clear of any future debts.

Mistake #04: Doing things randomly

You can’t make random decisions and hope that things will fall in place at the end. Every decision you take, about your business, should align with your long term goal. If things don’t add up in the beginning, it’s ok! As long as you know why you are taking a certain decision and how will it benefit your business down the road.

Mistake #05: Resistant to change

Sure, persistence is required in setting up a business but at the same time you should not be resistant to change. One of the best advices I was ever given was, ‘to not stick to a mistake because you spent a long time making it.’ Observe which strategies are working for you and which aren’t and then be proactive in changing the ones that aren’t.

Mistake #06: Trying to become a Jack of all trades

If you are trying to do everything at once, there is a high probability of messing things up. Instead focus on the things you are good at and do them perfectly. As Jack Dorsey, Co-founder of Twitter puts it, “Make every detail perfect, but most importantly, limit the details to perfect”.

Mistake #07: Having a competitor-based approach

If you have a competitor based approach then you’re going to operate out of a place of fear. Fear of losing to your competitor. You should opt for a customer-based approach instead, because at the end of the day it is your customers who are helping your business grow. Therefore, you should be aware about their needs and requirements first.

Mistake #08: Equating web traffic with success

This point is particularly true for online business ventures. Creating traffic on your site should be an intermediate step and not the end goal. The end goal should be to make the sale because that is what is going to get you revenues, not the page views.


Business, Entrepreneurship

Mistake #01: Not having a plan

If you don’ have a plan then you fall into a category called as ‘Accidental Entrepreneurs’. The only problem with the entrepreneurs staring of from here is that their success might be accidental but their failure will not come as a surprise.

Mistake #02: Looking for shortcuts

There are no shortcuts when you are trying to establish a brand name. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and persistence. And the amount of time and effort you are willing to put into your business depends on how passionate you are about it.

Mistake #03: Investing way more than its required

Common misconception new entrepreneurs have is that the success of the business is directly proportional to the amount of money they invest in it. And because of this the end up investing a lot more then it is required, in the beginning. Many successful businesses had a humble start and managing your finances from day 1 can steer you clear of any future debts.

Mistake #04: Doing things randomly

You can’t make random decisions and hope that things will fall in place at the end. Every decision you take, about your business, should align with your long term goal. If things don’t add up in the beginning, it’s ok! As long as you know why you are taking a certain decision and how will it benefit your business down the road.

Mistake #05: Resistant to change

Sure, persistence is required in setting up a business but at the same time you should not be resistant to change. One of the best advices I was ever given was, ‘to not stick to a mistake because you spent a long time making it.’ Observe which strategies are working for you and which aren’t and then be proactive in changing the ones that aren’t.

Mistake #06: Trying to become a Jack of all trades

If you are trying to do everything at once, there is a high probability of messing things up. Instead focus on the things you are good at and do them perfectly. As Jack Dorsey, Co-founder of Twitter puts it, “Make every detail perfect, but most importantly, limit the details to perfect”.

Mistake #07: Having a competitor-based approach

If you have a competitor based approach then you’re going to operate out of a place of fear. Fear of losing to your competitor. You should opt for a customer-based approach instead, because at the end of the day it is your customers who are helping your business grow. Therefore, you should be aware about their needs and requirements first.

Mistake #08: Equating web traffic with success

This point is particularly true for online business ventures. Creating traffic on your site should be an intermediate step and not the end goal. The end goal should be to make the sale because that is what is going to get you revenues, not the page views.


Have you ever been overwhelmed with the numerous tasks that you have to juggle simultaneously?

Are you tired of running one man army, to set up your business?

Do you feel exhausted being a jack of all trades?

If your answer was ‘Yes’ to the questions above, then you should keep on reading. Below is the list of tools that can make your work significantly easier and manageable. The best part, you ask? These applications are FREE (or require minimal investment in some cases).


This is the most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that an online entrepreneur can have. In this age of digital marketing, businesses compete to get a higher visibility on search engines and that is why SEO skills are a hot commodity in the market these days.

With Yoast you can transform your digital content into a lead generating tool. It keeps a record of your desired keywords and analyzes their strength by assigning a ‘SEO score’ to your online content.

It is a great tool if you are looking to generate traffic on your website through online content marketing.


Internet is flooding with the information, and what separates good content from the rest of it, is the quality of the content. Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are all emerging as important players in streamlining the customers to your site. But what persuades a potential customer to click on your link? It is observed that people react to visuals more than the written content. Canva helps you in designing engaging visuals and thumbnails for your social media sites.

It is extremely user-friendly graphic designing software and anyone, even without prior knowledge of graphic designing, can use it.


There is no specific hour to get inspired. Most amazing ideas are born in the most unlikely places and for this very reason you should develop the habit of note keeping. It is highly likely, that with hundred other things going in your mind, you will forget about the little, but potential, detail.

Evernote is the best organization tool that helps you store and brainstorm your ideas. Like most of the digital applications, it is compatible on various devices so that your most amazing ideas are always at your disposal.

Survey Monkey

Customer feedback is imperative for any business and surveys are great way to record that data. However, creating an engaging survey and manually collecting the response can be a really daunting task. SurveyMonkey is extremely user-friendly software that creates surveys and records responses in real time. An added advantage is that, you can also analyze the results via the software.


As an entrepreneur, you have to do most of the work by yourself. But there are certain things that require special skills and are better left for an expert to handle, for example designing a website, creating a mobile application for your business etc. The best option for you to deal with such situations is to hire freelance help. This option is cost-efficient as well as time efficient. Fiverr is one such platform where you can hire freelance help.


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Congratulations for finally joining the not so new but slowly growing wave of women who are choosing to work from home.  You have got all the tools you need, a business plan, support from your family and determination. But here are some tips that you will need in order to thrive in your new working from home journey:

Manage your time

Leaving the office life behind doesn’t mean you completely disregard your time and not manage your time. The best thing about working from home is that it saves your time and gives you so much more to do. It offers you the flexibility that you didn’t previously get in managing your life. no more traffic to deal with, no more rushing and waking up early and getting dressed, no more ironing clothes for the next work day etc. that’s all fine and dandy but don’t abuse this new opportunity to be productive by taking too many breaks, talking to friend son the phone for long periods of time or watching  TV shows.

You need to make a schedule of your work timing and stick to it like glue. A smaller but undisturbed work time is much better than long working one full of many breaks and distractions.

Don’t overwork

Never over work yourself because this is the reasons why many women become burnt out in the earlier stages of working from home running a business form home.  Just work at your own pace and be relaxed. You have nowhere to go because you are already at home, no traffic to worry about or to pick up kids from daycare. Women think that just because they are working from home, they have to overcompensate it by working too much. This is actually very counterproductive.

Don’t wear pajamas all day

The idea of wearing whatever you want when you are working from home is a great one but it might not necessarily be productive. It’s great that you don’t have to wear formal clothes that you did at the office. But staying in pajamas all day will give a feeling of leisure and comfort, the mind is going to associate it with sleep and soon you will be taking naps on the sofa or taking too many breaks. Just wear casual clothing that you would wear everyday at home.

Take meaningful breaks

It’s totally up to you how many breaks work for you but when you do make sure they don’t waste your time. Your breaks should include you getting out for some fresh air, a siesta, lunch, calling parents/spouse, reading, listening to music, spending time with your kids etc. leave the comedy re-runs for the evening with your spouse.

Make to-do lists

It’s always great to prioritize your work and making lists for the next day/week/month. It saves you time and de-clutters your mind and it will make multitasking so much easier for you.

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Google, Apple, Hewlet Packard and Amazon – what do these businesses have in common? Sure, they are ruling their respective industries, possess the highest market shares and are multi-billion dollar corporations but what else? A little known common fact about these business giants is that they all started in the back of a garage. Yes! Shocking isn’t it.

With the right execution, a small business that begins in the back of the garage has the capability to transform the living style of an entire generation. We millennials, belonging to the online generation of Google and Amazon, are a living proof of it. So if you have an idea and you are unsure about it because everyone around you jokes that it is way too crazy or unrealistic, well then maybe it is, but who is to decide that crazy is not good. Let me tell you, it is the decisions you make along the way. Below I have compiled a list of things that you should avoid to transform your crazy business idea into a great one.

Here are a few tips I wish someone had told me when I was starting my own business.

Sometimes those who wander are lost

For any business to work it is absolutely imperative to have a concrete business plan. You should make sure that you set small targets for yourself to ultimately achieve the big goal. You have to have an idea about where you are headed, what your target audience is and which market are you attempting to operate in. Having a road map makes it easier for you to reach your destination and you achieve your end goal faster.

Don’t be overly-positive about any outcome

It is good to be positive and optimistic about your business idea but don’t forget to look at the things critically in the process. Be wary of your flaws before someone else points them out for you. Try to opt for an active approach rather than a reactive one.

Don’t stick to a mistake just because you spent a long time making it

This advice is not only for new entrepreneurs, it can be applicable regardless of the scalability for your business. If something is not working out, as you had planned, stop wasting more time and resources over it and move on.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Even the best businesses out there require a team so why are you exhausting yourself by doing everything on your own? Don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask for help. Even if you have limited resources you can always depend on family and friends.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

Lastly the most important thing you should know is that no one can avoid failure completely. Yes you can learn from others’ mistakes and try and do things differently and this is why I have compiled this list for you. But you learn from your experiences, so don’t be afraid to dive in and give your 100 percent.

Good Luck! Now go and start working on that dream project of yours.


Every entrepreneur should read these 5 books to gain some insight and motivation. Even if you are not an entrepreneur these books are fantastic reads. They are full of life lessons and you are bound to learn a thing or two.

1.     Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson

This book is so simple that even a 10 year old can read it but it taught me some of the most important lessons. When I was reading this book, I was in awe of perfectly it fits every situation in my life and how I have exceedingly complicated my professional matters. This book urges you to take matters into your own hands, take action and not be resistant to change. You can easily finish the book in one sitting but the impact is going to last way longer than that. What I like best about this book is that it is so metaphorical that everybody concludes a different message from it making it universally beneficial.

2.     #GIRBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso established a billion dollars empire and a brand name Nasty Gal, out a thrift store haul. This book covers her journey from being a weird teenager, who used to shoplift and think that she was too smart for school, to becoming the power women she is today. This book is a must read for everyone who thinks their ideas are unconventional and don’t fit into the pre-determined cut out patterns of the society. Sophia made us realize that weird is okay and that “the straight and narrow is not the only path to success”.

3.     Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

It is regarded as one of the best self development books of the 20th century. People have mixed reviews about it, some claim that is drastically changed their life some find it vague and annoying. Again with self development books, I think it depends on the individual and what they plan on taking from it. Personally, I think it is a good read and equip you with helpful tips and tricks to lead you on the path of success.

4.     The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

One of the best things about this book is that it involves case studies and real life examples so that the readers can better relate to it. Probably the best lesson I learned from it was that you can’t turn all of your passions into profitable ventures and some dreams are better left as dreams. So the key to success is to decide carefully which passion to follow and find a point of convergence between your passion and value.

5.     Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt

Ok, this book contains some concepts of economics but it does help you in developing your critical thinking abilities. It revolves around the idea that even the apparent random things happening in our everyday lives are not random and that everything follows a pattern, either hidden or evident.